Picnics & Patios

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Written by YEG’s Best Eats (@yegbesteats).

What’s the best way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather? By gathering your friends and enjoying some delicious food and drinks outside! Currents of Windermere has you covered with tons of options for a patio date or a picnic hangout.


Make it a DIY picnic adventure in Town Square.

Town Square is centrally located so you’re close to all the stores and washrooms are conveniently nearby! Grab all your picnic supplies: a thermal cooler from Cabela’s, a blanket from HomeSense, some sunscreen & floppy hats from Walmart and don’t forget lawn games from Canadian Tire. Fill your basket with snacks from Safeway and any number of quick options – how about sushi from Sushi Stop, salads from Freshii, and burritos from Mucho Burrito? For dessert, donuts from Hello Mochi and bubble tea from The Alley make for some great sweet treats that are easy to carry!


If patios are more of your vibe, choose your environment.

The views from the rooftop at The Canadian Brewhouse, the cozy firepits at Blowers & Grafton, or the comfy couches at Browns Socialhouse.

Whatever your mood is, Currents of Windermere has several patios to choose from for a drink or a full meal:

  • Blowers & Grafton
  • Browns Socialhouse
  • Boston Pizza
  • Montana’s
  • Tiffin India’s Fresh Kitchen
  • The Canadian Brewhouse
  • The Keg Steakhouse


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