Community Garden

Let’s Grow Together.

Introducing the Currents of Windermere “COMMUNITY GARDEN”, Edmonton’s LARGEST Community Garden project!

Situated on a “1/2 acre of care” within the Currents of Windermere in southwest Edmonton, the Garden is being introduced as a community gathering spot that cultivates positivity, community spirit, and sharing the fruits of our labour with neighbours.

In partnership with the Can Man Dan Foundation and its team of volunteers, all produce harvested at the Garden will be donated to local families – providing healthy and wholesome food options to some of the city’s most vulnerable.

The Garden will officially launch on June 12 with a PLANTING PARTY and FOOD DRIVE, hosted by Currents of Windermere and Can Man Dan Foundation! Over the remainder of 2021, the Garden will be cared for entirely by volunteers and feature a full array of fresh vegetables depending on the season.

Can you Dig it? Follow the garden’s progress:

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The Community Garden is located east of the Town Square in Currents of Windermere.

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