For dads that love to keep up with technology, this is your guide to all things tech. Keep dad in the loop with a new smartphone or a phone case and new headphones so he can load up his favourite dad tunes.

You’ll have to start with a delicious meal. Stop at Tiffin for the tastiest Indian food. Try a chai paired with conversation or paneer on the patio. It’s all good with fresh ingredients and the perfect place to disconnect from the tech for a little while. 

Upgrade dad’s old computer with a new laptop from Staples. Whether he’s a gamer, designer, entrepreneur, or just loves to social network, get him a computer that can handle the task.

Next, hit up Iconic Eyecare for some stylish accessories. New shades to protect the eyes outdoors or new frames for your glasses (blue light or prescription) so he can enjoy all his tech without the squinting.

Then, treat dad to a craft beer or bottle of his favourite liquor at Wine and Beyond. Step away from the tech and enjoy quality time together, face-to-face. Okay, take a photo or two, but then put the phones away. Talk, cheers, and laugh while watching the game or hanging out on the deck.


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