Our Tiny New Tenants

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Currents of Windermere is now home to over 30,000 bees!

We’ve partnered up with Alvéole to install two beehives on one of our rooftops. They had set out on a long journey from their temporary home out on a farm to their new permanent home in Currents of Windermere.

What is the purpose?

Installing these hives will allow us to repurpose unused space on our property for environmental purposes, will give honeybees a safe place to live, and as an added bonus; the hives will each produce sweet local honey! The installation of a hive in an urban environment requires minimal resources. Alvéole works with a special breed of Italian bees, selected over five years for their docility.

During the summer, our thousands of new friends will pollinate the surrounding urban flora during the summer. At the end of the season, we’ll harvest the honey, which we’ll be able to share with our community (in custom-made Currents of Windermere honey jars).

Will the bees sting?

Bees are not interested in humans. They set out on a daily quest to bring back resources to the colony to ensure its development. Did you know bees die when they sting? They lose their stinger and part of their abdomen, so they have no interest in stinging unless they feel their colony is threatened.

Who is Alvéole?

Our project is in collaboration with Alvéole, an urban beekeeping company. Since 2013, Alvéole has partnered with hundreds of companies and schools to start beekeeping projects all over North America and Europe, each hive creating more ecological awareness, allowing city dwellers to reconnect with nature and change their sense of responsibility towards the environment.

How can you stay updated on our bees?

Visit our hive for the latest updates on our bees and upcoming visit dates.

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